How can a homeowners association vacate their subdivision covenants?

Answer In the original Declaration of Subdivision Covenants the developer would have had to reserve the right to amend the declaration (in the body of the declaration) and then assign that right to the ho... Read More »

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Who enforces covenants where there's no homeowners' association?

In the event of a covenant violation, covenants can be enforced by any person who is aggrieved by the covenant violation.

Can homeowners association request for turnover or transfer of common facilities in the subdivision from the developer?

Every state has a different set of parameters that define when and how a developer turns over their project and its business to an owner-populated board. You can find these parameters in state law ... Read More »

What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilitie... Read More »

Life interest in a property that is part of a Homeowners Association - do you have the right to vote at their annual meeting?

Usually, legal owners vote at association annual meetings. If your life interest includes your name on the deed, making you an owner, then you may be able to vote.If you are unclear about your owne... Read More »