How can a high school student get financial aid to live alone?

Answer Never heard of such a thing. Are there any relatives or friends who would let you live wit them in order to finish school?

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How to Assess Financial Aid for a Student That Does Not Live With His Parents?

Financial aid allows students to go to school when they might not otherwise be able to afford it. Financial aid needs differ from student to student, depending on each student's financial state and... Read More »

Student Retention & Student Activities in High School?

High school-age students have more freedom and responsibility for their education than those in other grade levels. Because of this freedom and responsibility, student retention at the high school ... Read More »

Where (other that our school financial aid office) can I get a student loan?

You can apply for private loans through local banks. And you can try Sallie Mae. Http://www.salliemae.comYou can always try to get scholarships as well.http://www.fastweb.com Read More »

Is there alternatives other then student loans for high GPA high School students?

There is such a shortage of nurses in the US...we import them now.With her grades and ACT score I am certain you can find a scholarship or program for your cousin.Call a few nursing schools(perhaps... Read More »