How can a friend and I pull off this video?

Answer Hey, I'm a Conor too!!! Umm, well start off in some nice clean clothes (they probably will get wrecked!). Then as you move on slowly rip them just a bit and cover them in dirt as it progresses.To l... Read More »

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How to Pull an All Nighter With a Friend?

All-Nighters are fun, and a way to challenge yourself and your friends! During an all-nighter, you can leave behind daily routines and just commit to whatever activities you want. Remember that mos... Read More »

Would it be illegal for a friend to pull a tooth out?

This is a grey area between rendering emergency first aid and practicing medicine without a license. I'm not sure where this falls. Maybe you could post this in one of the legal forums and get a mo... Read More »

Two months ago my friend had a video of me riding his motorcycle so in the video I get hit by a tree ?

you get hit by a tree? wow.. i've never saw a tree step in front of a motorcycle.. that would be AWESOME... post the video on youtube. Was it one of them walking trees, like in Lord of the Rin... Read More »

How to Pull an Allnighter With Video Games?

Have you ever wanted to pull an all nighter with a friend playing video games like Black Ops? Well now you can follow these steps to both play and stay awake.