How can a first responder help cocaine addicts?

Answer The dosage necessary for a fatal cocaine overdose is approximately 1.2 grams. A person can achieve extremely dangerous toxicity with as low as 20 milligrams, according to the Internet Drug Index. R... Read More »

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Can methadone help crack cocaine addicts?

On One Hand: Methadone's Incompatibility With Cocaine AddictionMethadone treatments work to reduce heroin cravings. Heroin causes an initial "rush" of euphoria, followed by a period of sedation, ac... Read More »

Is cocaine ever used during sinus surgery they found cocaine in my blood and i do not use it. ?

Yes it is used in hospitals... see below!GENERIC NAME: COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE - TOPICAL (KOE-kane)Medication Uses | How To Use | Side Effects | Precautions | Drug Interactions | Overdose | Notes | M... Read More »

What is an auto responder?

An autoresponder is a program that will automatically send an email to someone when it receives an email. They are most often used to send confirmations for joining a list or to automatically reply... Read More »

First Responder Course Description?

A first responder can be anyone who has had first aid training above the introductory level. In some areas, first responders are paid employees or emergency medical service providers. However, firs... Read More »