How can a female with her tubes tied have a baby how does it happen?

Answer About 11 12 mnoths old :)

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I had my tubes tied and I'm pregnant what will happen to the baby?

Answer As long as the pregnancy is normally situated and not ectopic the baby will be absolutely fine.

I had my tubes tied but I haven't had my period in 2 months and have pregnancy symptoms can I be pregnant and could I have the baby?

ehh.. I believe your not able to have a baby after you've had your tubes tied.

If you became pregnant while your tubes where tied can you still have that baby?

AnswerHi there :-)Yes you can as the baby will be growing inside your Uterus and it is your tubes that is tyed with extend off your Uterus. But you will need to see your doctor to be certain as I a... Read More »

You had your tubes tied and burned at the age of 23 that was ten years ago you really would like to have another baby can it be reversed?

It really depends on what you feel is required as the parent. Like if u think your child needs lots of toys it will cost more then if you don't feel they need the toys.