How can a father gain full custody of his infant daughter?

Answer This depends upon all of the circumstances, including whether the Mother is a fit parent or not. If both parents are fit, generally a court will find that the best interests of an infant is to have... Read More »

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If you have full custody of your daughter and you live in Canada and you want to move to England for a year can your daughter's father stop you from leaving?

Answer Yes he can if you have a settlement agreement that states that you cannot take your minor child out of the country without the father's consent.

If you are seeking sole and primary physical custody of your infant is 3 and one-half days of visitation with the father considered joint custody?

Answer The extent of a parent(s) custody rights are determined by a court order. The ideal situation is for both parents to reach a workable, amicable decision. The time that is spent with a parent... Read More »

I was awarded temp emergency custody due to child's mother arrested for drugs whats the chance that you will gain full custody at next hearing?

Without knowing the jurisdiction difficult to say. In general, you'd need to prove the mother is unfit to have custody. This is a hard thing to do. Joint custody is more likely.

How can you get temporary custody of your infant daughter?

File a motion for it in court while in possession of the child. see my profile