How can a child be physically abused?

Answer punching, kicking, biting, burning, beating, or pulling the victim's hair. The physical abuse inflicted on a child can result in bruises, burns, poisoning, broken bones, and internal hemorrhages

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If a 13-year-old child was being physically and mentally abused by a parent is there a way they could go live with a relative before the age of 18 in Michigan?

Answer NO ONE, including parents, has a right to abuse, neglect or mistreat a child EVER! Contact the Michigan Child Protective Services, toll free at 1-800-842-4357. If you believe you are in phys... Read More »

If a 14-year-old child is being physically and mentally abused by his stepfather what should he do if all the cops in that city are friends of the stepfather?

Answer Find an attorney that is not associated with the city or the police department. Preferably a young female attorney under age 30. Tell her your story, and be ready to leave your stepfather... Read More »

How many teenagers get physically abused out at night?

YAAAANew AnswerIt is legal for poplice to question you at school with a School Official present. The school may call your parents to let them know thatit happened.Out in the general public I believ... Read More »

Are there pictures of physically abused children?

Only for professions such as doctors, psychiatrist, psychologists, etc. It is illegal in the U.S. and Canada to show the face of a minor to the public. Pictures may be shown as evidence in a court ... Read More »