How can a baby alligators get their food?

Answer They catch it like adult alligators, only their prey is much smaller

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What do you call baby alligators?

Baby alligators are called hatchlings. Mother alligators may protect their babies for a full year. Hatchlings grow 3 to 8 inches each year and are deemed adult alligators by the time they are 6 fee... Read More »

Are baby alligators fully developed?

Baby alligators hatch after about a two-month incubation period. They are fully developed when they are born and are about 8 inches in length. Adult alligators measure about 6 to 12 feet in length,... Read More »

At what time do baby alligators leave their nests?

When baby alligators are born, the mother places them in her mouth and carries them into the water. Juvenile alligators form pods, and typically stay near the mother until one year of age. There ar... Read More »

Are baby alligators fully developed when they hatch?

When they hatch, baby alligators are fully developed but very small and defenseless and will stay with their mother for up to two years, during which time they will increase rapidly in size.Referen... Read More »