How can I watch my 8mm Camcorder movies on my computer?

Answer There used to be commercial places that do that.

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How can I import DVD camcorder movies to computer?

You get a video editing program like Final Cut Pro, then you hook a firewire up from your camera to your computer. When you are in FCP go up to file choose Log and Capture and then play the video. ... Read More »

How Can I Watch DVD Movies on My Computer?

Digital Versatile Disc, or DVD, is the most-popular format for movies. Most watch their DVDs by inserting the disc into their DVD players which are connected to their television set. It is also pos... Read More »

CAn you hook up your computer to your TV to watch movies?

You can do that. Provided your TV has a port that enables you to connect your TV Screen to your computer as a monitor. Nowadys all LCD and Plasma TV's can be connected to PCs. Refer to other sides ... Read More »

How do you watch blue ray movies on your computer?

You would either need to buy a Blue-Ray equipped computer, or have a blue ray drive installed in a 5.25" Bay on your computer. See Related Links for an example.