How can I watch more than 72 minutes on megavideo?

Answer lol if you tried clearing cookies and THAT didnt even work, then i know how to solve this problem. It is obviously an IP adress based issue, they know that the same IP adress (your internet) is try... Read More »

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How to get rid of hickups for more than five minutes ?

Most likely your phrenic nerve is irritated. Go see a chiropractor and they will be able to check and see if you need any adjustments to remove the irritation.

FaceBook: In the last 45 minutes more than 50 people Liked my photos...?

facebook changed... all of your profile photos are public nowyou can set them to private one by one if you want tho

I get a terrible pain inside and under my ear when I drive for more than 30 minutes...?

I don't live too far from downtown Los Angeles and the traffic sucks (and I'm being nice here). I get the same pain kinda in and under my ear. Turns out, it is tension. I tense up my hands on th... Read More »

Does it take more than eight minutes for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth?

The speed of light is 186,282 miles per second, and the average distance between the Sun and the Earth is 92,957,000 miles. If the average distance is divided by the speed of light, the result is a... Read More »