How can I watch a video without the "pauses" (Please read added details)?

Answer My wireless connection gets slow like that when cellphone traffic is high... I just let it sit and download, even if I'm going to bed... save the file and shut it down in the morning... watch it th... Read More »

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Every time I try to download a youtube video, it automatically just pauses. Why does this keep happening?

Maybe try to use a different downloader. Here are two good websites that I like to use to download videos. Neither of them have viruses attached to them. Read More »

Added details- Hi folks, I need your help. I have a Dell Dimension 8200. When I turn it on...?

Dell ! Ha ...Well, it could be that your hard disk is faulty. Check the cables for the disk before doing anything else.After that, you'd best call Dell for help as it could be a number of things, s... Read More »

Can someone advise me which is the best anti virus protection for my computer..(PLEASE SEE ADDED DETAILS)?

I REALLY need some help..please read for details?

Just wanted to let you know that I read your essay and voted for it. It was a well written essay that nicely stated your feelings on going to college. Good luck with your results and hopefully yo... Read More »