How can I wake up in the morning (quickly)?

Answer ~put your alarm clock on the other side of your rom that way you have to actually get up and shut it off~drink a lot of water before bed so when you get up you will have to go pee so you will get u... Read More »

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How to Wake up Quickly?

Do you have trouble waking up and getting out of your warm bed? These tips are for you.

How to wake up in the morning!!!?

some tips for u.1. Have enough sleep... Sleep early.2.Comfort: Bed, position, body.3.Put loud alarm clock far from your bed 4.Ask friend to wake you up5.Drink a lot of water6.Lick lemon or salt, (a... Read More »

Can't wake up in the morning?

You need a regular routine, with two aims a) to get you to wake up at the right time b) to get you up and out the house in time to get to work.Try the following:At night:* go to bed at the same tim... Read More »

How to Wake up in the Morning Successfully?

descriptionThis is a useful piece of literature for anyone who has to wake up early in order to catch a bus to school. Having to wake up early isn't all that gruesome when you follow these simple s... Read More »