How can I view my sent friend requests on Facebook?

Answer Yes, there's a way to view your friend requests on Facebook. Here's what ya do:1) After logging into Facebook, click the "privacy" link at the upper right hand corner of the screen.2) Then click th... Read More »

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In Facebook my friends accepted my friend requests but they are not on my friend list?

On your Facebook Profile page click and go on "Friends"Here all your friends will be listed.You can add or manage them into your friends list like: close friends, acquaintances, family etc.

How can I see my pending friend requests on Facebook?

there is an app on facebook called pending friend requests

Cancel friend requests on facebook?

You can cancel the friend requests. Just follow1. Click (make sure you are logged into FB) Click on bulk load and follow the instructions3. Now cancel the... Read More »

How to Stop All Friend Requests on Facebook?

Getting friend requests from random people that you do not know? Or do you have enough Facebook friends, and you don't want anymore? This is the article to help.