How can I verify the date of a Yahoo Calendar entry?

Answer I do not believe that will be possible, especially through the HTML that is offered back to you on the web page.Most "applications" of this sort would store the data in some form of file and/or dat... Read More »

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How do I Create an iCalendar HTML Calendar Entry?

iCalendar is an online calendar your company or business can add to its website. With iCalendar, you may promote events as well as display special hours. iCalendar offers the ability to add events ... Read More »

I have been notified that I won Yahoo lottery in UCan it be true How can I verify if its real or no?

It's definitely a scam. Besides, since when has Yahoo! ever run a lottery? Don't reply and please DO NOT give out any personal information. It can be used against you. With most email, if you don't... Read More »

How do I verify the install date of a water heater?

Locate the NumbersConfirm the water heater's manufacturer by looking on the side of the water heater. Find the code, and view the first four digits on the water heater label. The first two digits s... Read More »

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hi ong,My network is active.I think your server time is not correct