How can I use Visa to replace a stolen camera?

Answer an insurance policy will cover you from accidents, getting handicap, some can be to cover car accidents damage or work accidents others cover health.

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Whom do I call if my Visa card is lost or stolen?

For lost Visa cards, Visa recommends customers first contact the bank that issued the card. Visa also provides an online directory that contains emergency phone numbers in locations around the worl... Read More »

Lock down a video camera so it wont be stolen?

Check out some computer lockdown kits. I've seen ones that come with 2 discs, a cable and a lock. You glue 1 disc to the device and one to the table (or something secure) using an adhesive they sup... Read More »

My camera got stolen and I have to give the police the serial number which of these is it?

The camera body number will be 1130403525You can enter the number on the linked site and see if any photos taken with the camera appear online.

I want to rent my video camera to someone. Can I get renter's insurance to cover it if it is damaged stolen or lost?

Yes, but typically the person responsible for the equipment insures it. If they have an accident that harms your camera, you would probably want them to make a claim instead of you so your claim hi... Read More »