How can I turn the whole computer on yet the monitor is still blank and on?

Answer If the computer was disturbed in anyway such as being moved, dopped, bumped, etc, then this could have loosened a wire or board somewhere. If you have checked all cables and boards and they are fi... Read More »

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If I turn my computer off for 2 weeks will it still have all info on when I turn it back on?

How turn computer monitor into mirror?

You can't scan a mirror dumbass!!! Just get any random image of a mirror off of google images and use that as your desktop background. Like Duh....

How to turn computer monitor into mirror ?

Nice try but I've got you. A fellow stumble user I presume? This question was asked two years ago verbatim, except for the slight rewording of the second sentence. I guess we are both losers for... Read More »

How would i turn my old computer monitor into a tv?

Hi Chris, your question remind me of my old buddies old monitor that we used to use it as a TV (it is a CGA monitor --- hehehe very old eh?)back to your question, I believe you only need some stand... Read More »