How can I turn my class into a template in C++?

Answer I believe that the following code meets your assignment. By reading your C++ I had problems relating your assignment to code.My first assumption was that you wanted to use the std::list class withy... Read More »

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Limiting template class's in C++?

C++ does not have any way of constraining what type is substituted for T. A mechanism had been proposed for the 0x standards, but it was dropped.The best you can do is ensure that using anything ot... Read More »

Develop a template of linked-list class and its methods. i need the program Codings from C++?

This particular homework assignment requires several lines of coding. And such examples are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you wi... Read More »

How do you turn the volume down on a canon laser class 3170?

The complete designation for this camera is the "Canon Elph LT 260" It uses APS film.APS (Advanced Photo System) cameras and film were introduced in the mid '90's, but the film format never became ... Read More »

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Turn the SeaEagle 370 (or 330) into a self-bailing, seats firmly attached, class 3+ whitewater boat.