How can I transfer music from an old phonograph record to my computer?

Answer There are two typical ways of getting MP3s onto your computer. You either download them from some website, or you get them from a regular (store-bought or borrowed) CD. But wait! there's a third wa... Read More »

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Can I transfer music from a broken computer to a new one?

An iPhone can be synced with only one iTunes account at a time. once you switched to a new iTunes account or a new computer. You have to authorize your iPhone to it at first, then you can upload mu... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From a Computer to a Keyboard?

Keyboards capable of receiving and transmitting audio files have musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) ports. The first digital keyboards with MIDI ports required the separate purchase of a M... Read More »

How do you transfer music from my computer to my lg optimus t?

When you have your ipod hooked up to the computer, click on it, then click on pictures. It will want to know what folder to use and every time you sync it, any photos in that folder will be synchro... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From a Computer to My BlackBerry?

Not only is the BlackBerry smartphone capable of browsing the Web, sending multimedia texts and making phone calls, but it's also a media playback device. There are a few ways to transfer music to ... Read More »