How can I transfer music from an old phonograph record to my computer?

Answer There are two typical ways of getting MP3s onto your computer. You either download them from some website, or you get them from a regular (store-bought or borrowed) CD. But wait! there's a third wa... Read More »

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When was the record player or the phonograph invented?

The record player, also known as the phonograph, was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. Edison filed for the patent on his sound recording and playback device on December 24, 1877. Edison would go ... Read More »

How can I authorize my computer on iTunes so I can transfer my music to a different computer?

are you clicking on the store tab at the very top of your itunes?if you click on store at the top (where file, edit controls and all that is) the menu will drop down and you should see Authorize Co... Read More »

How to Make a Good Record on a Mechanical Phonograph?

You've found an old phonograph that can both record and reproduce. Here is how to make about the best record you can.

How to Make a Paper Phonograph Record Player?

Phonographs work by collecting sound in a horn. Records have indentations on them. When a needle moves along these indentations, they cause the air in the horn to vibrate creating sound. This proce... Read More »