How can I transfer files between user accounts in windows 7?

Answer Create a "neutral" account that doesn't belong to either one.For instance, "C:\temp" would be accessible to all user accounts.Copy from "My Account" into folders in C:\temp (you can use any name yo... Read More »

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How to Make New User Accounts in Windows 7?

It's pretty easy to add new-users in Windows 7. All you have to do is follow these easy steps.You must be a administrator to do this

How do i restore user accounts in windows xp?

Restore User Accounts in Windows XPRestore lost or damaged user accounts in Windows XP by following a few simple steps. Click the "Start" button on the task bar and open the program titled "Run." ... Read More »

How to Remove User Accounts From the Login Screen in Windows XP?

Sick of seeing user accounts for people who don't even use that computer anymore? Or maybe you bought your PC secondhand and it came with some already on there. Taking them down doesn't require a w... Read More »

How do u get acess to windows XP even if u dont know the passwords of any user accounts?

personally, i just boot up knoppix live linux CD, copy the SAM file from the xp computer to a pen drive, and then use L0phtcrack (now called LC5) to break the password.on the + side it means you ca... Read More »