How can I transfer data from an old PC?

Answer Without knowing the details of your setup...the PC connection which assume is wired is probably using non-standard cable. That is to say, your router/switch requires Cat 5e and you aren't using it... Read More »

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Can you transfer data from Outlook to Excel and have Excel lay out the data in a calendar format?

There is is no easy way to do what you are requesting.It might be easier to use MS-Access for this, since it would be much easier arranging and handling the data..

How to Transfer Data From an Old BlackBerry to a New One?

While there is a variety of BlackBerry devices on the market, all BlackBerrys use the same basic file system, which allows you to move your information from one device to another. The "Switch Devic... Read More »

How to Use a USB Port to Transfer Data From a PC to a Mac?

When moving to a new Mac computer from a Windows-based computer, you will want to transfer important data and files stored on your older computer. One way of doing this is by using an external USB... Read More »

How to Transfer Data From POS to Quickbooks?

Designed to enhance the productivity of small businesses, QuickBooks financial software and QuickBooks Point of Sale inventory software are built to share relevant information with each other to av... Read More »