How can I test my RCA cables?

Answer RCA cables, named after the famed audio company that developed them in the 1940s, are common connectors used for home audio devices, such as turntables, tape decks, amplifiers and DVD players. They... Read More »

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Which is better for High Def output using S Video cables that are provided or buying more expensive monster cables?

Truth is, unless you're a really video savvy individual, chances are that you'd not see much of a difference. Monster brand cables specialize in oxygen free cable manufacturing techniques for thei... Read More »

What is the major difference between patch cables&the installed cat3 or cat5 cables?

Patch cables are designed for flexibility and are composed of stranded copper conductors. CAT-3 and CAT-5 are typically solid cables, which are designed for use in longer runs through walls and cei... Read More »

Red, blue, green cables & red, white, yellow cables.?

Is this cord the one you actually need for your laptop (as specified by your laptop manufacturer) or did you buy some sort of generic VGA to Component cable? Green, blue and red connections usuall... Read More »

What is the difference of componet cables vs the red,white & yellow cables?

yellow usually goes to video and the red and white(or black) goes to the audio.the red/green/blue are for composite videos.. used for progressive scan dvd players. its is not interchangable.since y... Read More »