When i wipe i see a bunch of blood on the toilet paper am i getting my period i am 14 and never had my period?

Answer Awwwh...Yes dear congratulations for you maturity into womanhood. Another flower has blossomed. Be sure not to loose your petals anytime soon.

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Can you be pregnant when you're still getting your period?

It is very very rare, but there could be a chance if a woman ovulates during her period, or right after... It would involve a very short cycle or an extremely rare case.

Do u tell guys when u are your period?

nope. because i think it grosses some of them out to hear about it lol.the only time i've ever told a guy i was PMSing was actually last month lol....i was being a total b*tch to him and freaking o... Read More »

What are the Chances of getting pregnant when you have sex during your period?

That is actually the safest time to have unprotected sex. But, use a condom anyway. This will protect against STD's and VD's.

What are the most frequent signs of early pregnancy and how can you tell if you are just getting ready to start your period or if you're actually in your first week of pregnancy?

Answer most frequent signs of pregnancy are breasts sore or swollen, feeling nauseas, passing urine often, and if you are late for your period. it would be hard to know in the first week of pregnan... Read More »