How can I tell someone that thier breath stinks w/o hurting the person?

Answer offer them gum or mints

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My breath always stinks?

Never skip breakfast. It's just not good for your long-term health anyway. Instead of tic tacs, chew gum. Not bubble gum, but the kind that will leave your breath minty fresh. There are also long-l... Read More »

How can I tell my boyfriend his breath stinks?

Put your finger in his butt and tell him his mouth smells worse than your finger. He will get the point fast.

Why my breath stinks after brushing?

Bacteria multiply quickly, and there are loads of places you simply cannot brush or floss (under the gum line, mainly). That's why dentists recommend a professional cleaning every 6 months, so the ... Read More »

How to know when your breath stinks Not asking people to smell for you.. HELP?

The best and only way I find works is this.Lick your wrist, count to 10 slowly, and smell. If you notice an odor, that is what everyone else smells when you talk/breathe.