How can I tell people that being called ginger hurts?

Answer You know what? I love people with red hair and freckles. I think it is an absolutely beautiful thing to be blessed with, and I am quite envious of it in all honesty. All of my guy friends go weak i... Read More »

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Is being called fat and made fun of and rude comments to a child that hurts the child's feelings mental abuse?

Yes, a child should NEVER be told they are fat let alone being made fun of about it.

I have pains in my stomach that hurts really bad tell me what do you think it can be?

if you're a girl, menstrual crampsor food poisoningor you just have to take a crap

How to tell which number is being called with google voice on an iphone?

In your Settings, if you select Caller ID to show your GV number instead of the caller's number, then you could tell. You could engage Call Screening to see who is calling, although then you would ... Read More »

Hi could someone tell me what the first song being played in called?

Mundian to Bach Ke by Punjabi MC…