How can I tell my mum I've started my period?

Answer dont feel happens to every girljust let it out.. ask her if you can talk to her. she will prolly know whats coming at first its always a bit embarassing but its totally normal!!!!!!!

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How to tell mom ive started my period?

um...I don't know, can you not just tell her?

I cant tell if i started my period.?

~No Sweetheart. If you had started your period, you would have cramps. (Sharp pains in your uterine muscles. Not burning when you pee.) It does sound like you have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) t... Read More »

How to Tell a Friend You Have Started Your Period?

It isn't always easy to feel comfortable raising a topic about changes to your body with a friend. It helps to accept that your body changes are normal, natural and herald the blossoming of a new p... Read More »

You started your period on dec 30 and then had unprotected sex and he came inside you on Jan 12 now today is Jan 20 is it too soon to tell if im pregnant what signs and symptons could you look out for?

Answer Signs: cramping,tender breasts,frequent urination. Take a test around the 23rd if negative repeat in 2 days. All the best I hope you get the answer you want.