How can I tell my boyfriend his breath stinks?

Answer Put your finger in his butt and tell him his mouth smells worse than your finger. He will get the point fast.

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My breath always stinks?

Never skip breakfast. It's just not good for your long-term health anyway. Instead of tic tacs, chew gum. Not bubble gum, but the kind that will leave your breath minty fresh. There are also long-l... Read More »

Why my breath stinks after brushing?

Bacteria multiply quickly, and there are loads of places you simply cannot brush or floss (under the gum line, mainly). That's why dentists recommend a professional cleaning every 6 months, so the ... Read More »

How to know when your breath stinks Not asking people to smell for you.. HELP?

The best and only way I find works is this.Lick your wrist, count to 10 slowly, and smell. If you notice an odor, that is what everyone else smells when you talk/breathe.

How can I tell someone that thier breath stinks w/o hurting the person?