How can I tell if someone on YouTube has blcoked me?

Answer Send him a message (go to his profile and click "send a message" or something), or try to comment on one of his videos, and in either instances, you'll get an obvious message saying you've been blo... Read More »

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Can someone tell me if youtube is down?

Can someone tell me what is so funny about this video on Youtube?

WOW, that is the dumbest thing I've ever seen!

Could someone tell me what an adult swim bump is i see them on youtube but i don't know what they are?

In broadcasting, a commercial bumper, ident bumper or break-bumper (often shortened to bump) is a brief announcement, usually two to 15 seconds that can contain a voice over, placed between a pause... Read More »

How do you put someone else's youtube video to your youtube?

just follow these steps:1-copy the URL of the video 2-go to your YouTube Channel3-click "edit channel"4- where it says "featured video" or something like that, past the URL there.5-click "save chan... Read More »