How can I tell if someone is monitoring my computer?

Answer Many people are concerned that their computer is being monitored. Whether they are at work or at home, these are valid concerns. Those who monitor computers are typically employers, curious friend... Read More »

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Can someone tell me how I can fix my computer?

I don't know a keyboard shortcut but....Which graphics card do you have, if it's NVIDIA you can right click the desktop and choose NVIDIA control panel and there should be a tab (depending on versi... Read More »

Free computer monitoring programs that can be accessed on a different computer?

Of course it is possible to do that, if you don't have access to the computer, you can try remote spy software, you can receive the logs though email.

Can you tell if someone has been on your computer?

Follow the instructions I've linked to to see a log of recent activity. The log won't tell you who logged in, but it will help you figure out who used your computer, because you can then look at m... Read More »

How to Tell If Someone Has a Keystroke Logger on Your Computer?

Keystroke loggers can keep a record of every key you press on your computer keyboard. For this reason, a keystroke logger can compromise any sensitive information that you type on your computer. So... Read More »