How can I tell if my house windows are bad?

Answer You need tightly sealed, efficient, double-paned windows in your home to regulate temperature and keep your household comfortable, but many homes do not have them. Saying you need new windows is ob... Read More »

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How can I tell if my house stinks?

Ask some one to come in and smell. If it stink open windows ,febreeze, burn candles, wash linen and put carpet deodorizer all over.

How do I tell if there's mold in the house?

Musty SmellTry to detect a musty smell, especially in damp areas like basements, closets and bathrooms, or areas that have suffered water leaks or damage. A musty or moldy smell indicates a mold pr... Read More »

How to Tell if Your House Is Haunted?

Haunted houses are a great place to scare a loved one on a special occasion to get them in your arms, but they are NOT a great place to settle down your life. Here are a few tips to make sure there... Read More »

How do I tell if there is a tax lien on a house?

Office of the ClerkGo into the Office of the Clerk and Recorder for your state. Once you arrive, you can search for your name and view any liens associated with your property. You can also learn wh... Read More »