How can I tell if my hamster is pregnant?

Answer Responsible owners should think carefully before deciding to breed their hamsters. Hamsters usually have at least six babies to a litter, and they can have 14. Suitable homes will need to be found... Read More »

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How to Tell if My Teddy Bear Hamster Is Pregnant?

Teddy bear hamsters are a very popular variety of Syrian hamster. Like most hamsters, they are very easy to breed, but it can be difficult to tell if your female is pregnant, and the gestation peri... Read More »

How to Tell the Sex of a Hamster?

Telling the difference between male and female hamsters can be tricky, particularly if the hamster is very young (younger than four weeks old). However, there are a few discernible differences betw... Read More »

How to Tell if a Dwarf Hamster Is Obese?

This is how to tell if a dwarf hamster is fat.

How to Tell Your Hamster Its Name?