How can I tell if my hamster is pregnant?

Answer Responsible owners should think carefully before deciding to breed their hamsters. Hamsters usually have at least six babies to a litter, and they can have 14. Suitable homes will need to be found... Read More »

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How to Know when Your Hamster Is Pregnant?

How do you know when your hamster is pregnant, You may ask? Well below are some signs that your hamster may be pregnant.

Does anyone know if being bit by a hamster when pregnant can do any harm?

You probably have nothing to worry about but thoroughly clean the wound and keep an eye on it for infection. Maybe leave the little bugger alone until after you've had the baby. Get someone else to... Read More »

How to Care for Your Pregnant Hamster?

If you have a pregnant hamster, or are thinking about breeding them, read this article to learn how to go about it.

Can a hamster get pregnant if with a male?

A female hamster can get pregnant when left with a male if she is old enough for pregnancy. According to Hamsterific, some breeds are sexually mature at 1-month-old while others are not capable of ... Read More »