How can I tell if my gynecologist is coming on to me?

Answer if he uses his tongue for the pelvic exam, that's a pretty good indication

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Can a gynecologist tell if you are pregnant during a check up?

Anyone tell me what the weird sounds coming from my radio are?

It's a sound produced when the cell phone operator is tracing your (or anybody else's) phone to check whether you are in the reach or not. The loudest it gets when the phone is actually ringing on ... Read More »

Tell me the truth. Does it look like a blackdildo is coming out of my neck? that's where the other q came from...i think the only proper way to decide this is to give everyone a ride on your shouldershow much are you charging per ticket and what's the maximum amt... Read More »

How do we tell if the leak in the kitchen ceiling is coming from the bathroom or the roof?

If it's coming from the roof then the bathroom ceiling will have a water stain on it too. If you don't see this then it is coming from your bathroom.