How can I tell if my big toe is broken?

Answer Rule of thumb on a broken toe is easy...If you can walk it isn't broken...Can you walk at all? You stated No...Then go to a Dr. its most likely broken

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How can I tell if my rib is broken ?

Get X-ray. Or wait till it pokes your lung and you start throwing up blood.

How can you tell if you arm is broken?

Obviously pain and tender to the touch. If there's no swelling soak it in hot water, this usually produces the swelling which is a dead giveaway. Try RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) for half ... Read More »

How can you tell if your toe is broken?

which toe is it. If it is the big toe then you wont be able to walk on it at all if it was broken. Even if its a different toe you may find it difficult to walk on your feet without the achey pain... Read More »

How can i tell if my hand is broken?

You can tell, if you experience pain and have limited mobility in your hand.