How can I tell if my ankle is broken?

Answer A broken ankle can range from a tiny crack in the bone to a break that pierces the skin, according to the Mayo Clinic. While it's easy to see that you have a break if the bone is visible, a small f... Read More »

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How long will it take for 2 broken bones on the ankle and a high ankle sprain ?

I think my ankle is broken ?

See a doctor now. You should know in an ER, a broken bone is a low priority.Put ice on it and get to the doctor now. One way to be sure that you have broken a bone is to put heat on it - if you f... Read More »

I think i might have a broken leg/ankle?

I did that too, i had an air cast for about a month in the summer. I just sprained it and i think you did to. You can wrap it in an ACE bandage (in first aid lits usually) and if you want ice it. A... Read More »

Is my ankle broken or...?

If you had broken your ankle there is no way that you could have walked on it never mind run. I think you have a bad sprain and you should adopt the RICE method , Rest , Ice , Compress and Elevate.... Read More »