How can I tell how much ram my computer can use?

Answer RAM, which stands for random access memory, is an essential aspect of a computer. It is what provides memory and power to a computer. A computer with a higher RAM will store more information and pr... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me how much i will get for my computer?

I'd give you 5 bucks for this junkdo we have a deal?

Where on my computer will it tell me how much memory i hve left ?

Go to My Computer Right click Local disk C: and go to Properties. In Blue it will show how much spaced you used, and in Purple it will show you how much space you have left. And underneath it it wi... Read More »

How Do I Tell if a Computer Is a P3 or P4?

Instead of opening up your computer casing to get the details, you can find out the type of processor it uses, regardless of whether it is a P3 (Pentium 3) or a P4 (Pentium 4), simply by using feat... Read More »

How to Tell How Hot Your Computer Is?

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