How can I tell how much memory I have on my laptop?

Answer Imagine that you are perusing the software aisle at your local electronics store, and you come across something you simply must purchase for your laptop. But as you are scanning the box, you notice... Read More »

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Difference Between Laptop Memory & Desktop Memory?

System memory, more commonly known as random access memory or RAM, is present in all computers, regardless of their size or compactness. It allows the central processing unit (CPU) to quickly recal... Read More »

How much memory (RAM) can I add to my laptop?

For the RAM Questions:Run this scanner, it'll tell you exactly what have and what your computer can take

What is laptop memory?

Computer memory is usually a location for the rapid storage and retrieval of temporary information, but "memory" can also refer to long-term data storage. For several reasons, memory is handled dif... Read More »

How much memory do you need on a laptop?

In order to use a laptop, you need memory or RAM--random-access memory. Most laptops come with at least 1GB of memory if they are using Mac OS X or Windows Vista, but 2GB will increase their speed ... Read More »