How can I tell how much memory I have on my laptop?

Answer Imagine that you are perusing the software aisle at your local electronics store, and you come across something you simply must purchase for your laptop. But as you are scanning the box, you notice... Read More »

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How Much Memory Should a New Laptop Have?

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I have a DELL notebook with 1GB memory. but my laptop is really slow. can somebody tell me what is the problem?

first off, if you are running vista, it requires 1gb of ram to run. i would suggest your first run the disk defragmentation utility(defrag)then i would open the configuration utility. click start, ... Read More »

How can you tell how much memory you have left on iPad 2?

The iPad comes with iMessage which means you can text other Apple devices for free. You cannot text someone that doesn't use an Apple device.

How Can I Tell How Much Video RAM I Have on My Toshiba Laptop?

When you purchase a Toshiba laptop, it comes with a video card built into it. This video card, whether it is dedicated or integrated into the motherboard, comes with a certain amount of RAM in it, ... Read More »