How can I take the "fishy" taste out of seafood?

Answer I'm amazed at the number of folks who didn't seem to read your question.You like seafood and you can only get frozen, not fresh. So all the answers that say "don't eat it" or "buy fresh" are just ... Read More »

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Why does green tea have a fishy taste?

I like grean tea without sugar it tastes great.. Your body gts fit by drinking green tea..

How to Tell if Something Fishy Is Going On (Teens)?

It's your first day of eighth grade, and you are psyched! However, the instant you walk into homeroom, you notice something. All your friends are looking at you strangely, and your crush keeps on g... Read More »


Some level of odor is completely natural and expected. However, a strong fishy smell indicates something out of the ordinary going on. Don't feel at all embarrassed, it happens to almost all women ... Read More »

What does the idiom'something fishy'mean?

In "Hamlet," when Marcellus said, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" he had a sense that something was awry. However, the exact term, "something fishy," has been in existence since the ... Read More »