How can I stream videos from my laptop to my television wirelessly?

Answer Go to you local computer store, you will need some hardware, they will help you...

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Is there any way to stream Blu Ray or HD broadcasts playing on my computer or laptop WIRELESSLY to my HD tv?

There are SD wireless audio/video extenders, but the only HD version I had heard announced either didn't make it or was discontinued. I suspect the bandwidth requirements don't allow use of any of ... Read More »

My laptop can't stream online videos without lag.?

It could be just the amount of traffic on your provider. You can only get so much speed when you log on. And when you get everybody and his dog online, it can clog things up. You might consider pla... Read More »

Can I use my laptop/Xbox 360 connection (via Windows Media Center)to stream my monitor image to my television?

im not sure that technology exists yet, i assume you mean like not having your laptop connecting to the tv atl only through wifi. If you can just grab an s-video cable or an hdmi cable if your lapt... Read More »

Can i use my laptop as a wireless router and transmit the internet connection wirelessly to another laptop?

It can be done fairly easily in Windows XP. There is a detailed guide on Microsoft's website:…