How can I stop users accessing files on my server?

Answer Nothing foolproof.If they can hear it, they can download it in some way or another.Ever downloaded a YouTube video?

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How to Prevent Users from Accessing Unauthorized Websites on the ISA Server?

Using Microsoft's ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) server, administrators can set up restrictions and policies for all users, including preventing users from accessing specific websites. Th... Read More »

How can i stop my son accessing my files via his laptop via my router?

In Windows, Make sure that the folder(s) in which the files you mentioned are stored are not shared. To do this simply right click on the folder(s) and select "Sharing & Security". Under this opti... Read More »

How do i control the number of users accessing my wifi?

Use mac filtering.This allows you to configure your router to connect to specific devices by only connecting to devices with a the mac address you enter into the router mac filtering settings.

How do I block unauthorized users from accessing my wireless Internet connection?

If you are using wireless, set your router up so that only specific MAC Addresses are allowed. This is the ID of your network card/adapter. This will stop intruders from accessing your network.Hi... Read More »