How can I stop this stalker from trying to put harm on me and my family?

Answer u r definitely right!!these people are crazy, anyway first what u shud do is, try and get his info out,,, try to know his age, his place of residence (maybe also he is lying) and if its on yahoo an... Read More »

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Your husband wants to suck your milk everyday and wants you not to stop feeding him even after your baby stop feeding will this harm your health?

No, not at all. infact the longer you breastfeed, whether it be child or partner, the more benefits you gain. the risk of developing a number of different cancers, such as ovarian, uterus, breast,... Read More »

TH family! is the stalker really suing tom!!?

yeah I read that today too. I was sososos surprised. her ugly *** needs to stfu and go get a reality check! Tom should be suing HER! I feel so bad for poor Tomi. This crap is supposed to be wayyyy ... Read More »

How to Stop Your Friends from Trying to Get You a Facebook Account?

Do you have friends who won't stop trying to get you a Facebook account and you want them to stop? This is a common issue that is upsetting many people like you. If you have this problem, keep read... Read More »

How to Stop People From Trying to Convert You to Another Religion?

If you are tired of religions trying to convert you to their beliefs, please read this to learn how to politely tell them you are not interested.