How can I stop this stalker from trying to put harm on me and my family?

Answer u r definitely right!!these people are crazy, anyway first what u shud do is, try and get his info out,,, try to know his age, his place of residence (maybe also he is lying) and if its on yahoo an... Read More »

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TH family! is the stalker really suing tom!!?

yeah I read that today too. I was sososos surprised. her ugly *** needs to stfu and go get a reality check! Tom should be suing HER! I feel so bad for poor Tomi. This crap is supposed to be wayyyy ... Read More »

How to stop stalker if there is even a way?

sorry to hear that! but it wasn't me!!!in that case you gotta call your phone provider, and the police, but I know they wont help....there is only one thing you can do....get a callerID manager....... Read More »

TH(Family!)A picture of Tom with a girl!(not a stalker photo)?

Ohhh.Tom wants to American now, wtf.i thought he would stick to Germen girls b/c they would understand him better, but i guess Pflaume is a universal language.lmfaoGood article and photo!!Tommi is ... Read More »

How to Stop A Phone Stalker?

Have been harassed by a phone stalker? Is someone calling repeatedly? Are you annoyed by prank phone calls? There are several things you can do to protect yourself.