How can I stop the pain of a bee sting?

Answer You have to get the stinger out.Try tweezers, if that fails go to the doctor.

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What relieves the pain and swelling of a hornet sting?

I can remember as a child getting into a hornet's nest and was bitten at least a dozen different places. Mainly the face area. I remember my mother took some tobacco and applied it each one of th... Read More »

What can I put on a bee sting to stop the itching?

benadryl - start thathopefully, you'll get relief soon!

How to stop the sting of court burn?

Is it still stinging? If so, try taking drugs.

How do you stop a painful wasp sting?

Ok, do this right now, put a penny on it. IT REALLY WORKS!! Trust me and good luck!I know it sounds stupid but it works!