How can I stop someone from using my computer when I am not there?

Answer First, you need to set up a password. Go to the control panel and select User Accounts. Next select your user name. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and select change password. Create a password that only yo... Read More »

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Is there a way to txt someone from my computer to their phone using yahoo e-mail?

There is a yahoo messenger out for iphone have him download that and then you go to yahoo messenger on your computer and there you go.

When connecting my tv to my computer, i get the picture but not the sound! someone stop me from going mad!!?

To answere your question, NO it is not possible to use a DVI to pass sound.You are only hooking up the VIDEO feed of you computer to your TV. You will also need to hookup an audio feed. You can use... Read More »

How do I stop someone from using from using my wireless router teporraraly?

How do i stop my computer from freezing. it freezes when there are multiple tasks to do.?

You probably have too much junk running at startup. Use StartUp Lite and takes it's advice to disable the things you don't really need.…