How can I stop seeing someone's profile and comments on Facebook ?

Answer If he is your FB friend, you can roll over his status and click "dont show" like the other person posted. However, if he is NOT your friend anymore on FB, but you see his postings connected to mutu... Read More »

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If I facebook translate someones wall post or comments do they know?

Is it possible to stop specific 'non friends' on facebook from seeing certain parts of your profile?

No.Even if it was possible, all your "non friends" have to do is to log in as someone else.NEVER put anything private on Facebook or anywhere else online. Once it goes online, it's PUBLIC. And Face... Read More »

How do I find someones profile on youtube?

There are 3 ways to find specific people on YouTube:1 -- Simply enter their "username" in the searchbox.Hopefully, they have a unique username that isn't a common word (like "airplane", "boeing" or... Read More »

Can I delete the comments from my youtube profile?

Of course you can! If you couldn't, there would be no point in having a comment box. Rude people would write whatever they wanted and you wouldn't be able to erase them! Imagine the embarrassment!G... Read More »