How can I stop people from poking me in new facebook timeline?

Answer you would have to block them - there is no other way

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How do i stop sending the "remove your timeline" event on facebook?

if you installed it as a browser extension, go to your browser's extensions management page and remove it. if you dont know how to do that, google "remove browser extension" but include the name of... Read More »

Can people still post on my facebook timeline?

If you have set privacy about not to post on my wall then people can't be able to post on your wall. When you having your birthday on your friend's profile a birthday reminder shows your name to wi... Read More »

Are the people showing up on your timeline the ones that look at your facebook the most?

No, it simply means they are the people that you interact with the most, likes, comments etc.,No one can tell who looks at anyone's facebook profile.

How can you make it so that photos that people 'like' don't appear on your facebook timeline?

there is no way to turn that feature off, because that's the whole reason for using facebook in the first place, to share your activity with your friendsthe only way to prevent it is to add individ... Read More »