How can I stop my scanner from reducing the size of the document it is scanning?

Answer You might start by reading the documentation, or look in the help file. Scanners use a TWAIN driver to insert images into documents and such. They vary from scanner to scanner, so without the par... Read More »

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How to reduce the size of photoshop document and how to add multiple documents in pdf format after scanning on?

You can take snaps of the photo and paste it in a word document one-by-one and print it using PDF writer, this will store all your photos in a single PDF.This is the best way, which I follow in my ... Read More »

What flatbed scanner (economic) is best for scanning cgc graded comics I need it to be legal size (8 1/2x14)?

What Epson do you own? I've heard far to many compliments for Epson scanners and had far too many problems with my HP Scanjet scanner to recommend any other brand than Epson.

Scanner error shows waiting on scanner not scanning?

HiThose HP scanjet are fussy LOL..Un-install all the software. Now power on the scanner but remove the USB cable from it. Now install and let the software tell you when to plug the USB .At one poin... Read More »

How to Insert a Document From a Scanner to Word 1997?

Scanned documents are typically saved as image files, which can be a bit inconvenient when using them for professional purposes. Microsoft Word 1997 lets you insert a scanned image document into a ... Read More »