How can I stop my neighbor from using my wireless connection?

Answer Hi there. What's happening here is that your router is broadcasting what's called a SSID (a name assigned to your network). If you do not have any wireless network security enabled on the router, y... Read More »

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Can i stop my neighbour using my wireless internet connection?

Yes!If you use a wireless router, you can enable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or a similar security protocol to prevent others from hijacking your connection. I suggest searching the web for WEP... Read More »

How do I stop my neighbour using my wireless connection so I get a huge bill?

I can see that nobody answered seriously, first of all, your neighbour using your wireless will not cost you extra, it will just slow down your internet connection speed. To make your wireless conn... Read More »

How to Stop a Neighbor From Using My Dish Network?

The DIsh Network satellite receiver works on radio-frequency (RF) signals received from the remote control. A neighbor who has Dish Network can control your receiver if his remote is set to the sam... Read More »

How can i stop people using my wireless broadband connection and slowing it down?

on the wireless router enable security, atlease WEP