How can I stop my name from showing up when being googled?

Answer you cant, sorry but once your name is out there you cannot stop it from showing up on google etc

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How do you stop a firm sending you Emails showing their products, when you have requested them to stop.?

You can either use the unsubscribe feature on each commercial website or you can designate that email as Spam and it will go to your Bulk Mail folder. Then once a week or so, you can purge it.

When do dogs start showing symptoms of being pregnant?

Dogs start showing symptoms of being pregnant at around six weeks. The most telling symptom is swollen mammary glands and nipples. Other symptoms that are less noticeable are lack of appetite, fati... Read More »

What is the best way to stop a vinyl window from squeaking when it is being opened and closed?

Depends what is squeaking. Is it the balances (things inside the frame that control the movement of the sashes) or the sash vinyl rubbing against the frame vinyl? Wd40 would work for both.I suggest... Read More »

How to stop my tumblr from showing up on google?

add your site to google webmaster is a tool for that… URL Remover from google