How can I stop my legs going numb after Ive been on the throne (toilet) !?

Answer Try an easier crossword.

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If six days after unprotected sex your breasts are very sore you have stomach cramps and you have been going to the toilet frequently what are chances you are pregnant?

How do I stop the toilet that keeps running after flushing The flapper is properly seated. The float needs to be pushed down to stop it.?

Answereither bend the arm of the float so it is partially submerged or adjust it with the screw that is attached to the float armature

My middle three fingers are numb and have been numb for about three months I sleep on my elbow alot and watch?

Exercise them. Get a pen and scribble. Did you have a stroke. You don't give much info.Get one of those big bed pillows designed for bed reading and tv watching.

How to get a phone to work after it has been dropped in the toilet?

there is hope..mine was washed AND dried. I just took it apart to let it dry on the inside and now it works.