How can I stop my legs going numb after Ive been on the throne (toilet) !?

Answer Try an easier crossword.

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How to Numb Legs Before Waxing?

Waxing appears to be the perfect medium between shaving and electrolysis, as it lasts longer than shaving alone but is more economical than electrolysis treatments. Unfortunately, as most people kn... Read More »

Could something be wrong if you are 34 weeks' pregnant and very swollen and numb in your hands feet and legs?

Answer Yes! You could have pre-eclampsia. My son was born at 34 weeks because I developed this condition, which includes high blood pressure, protein in the urine and swelling in the feet and legs.... Read More »

I was extremely upset and my hands were drawn up, my legs went numb from the knees down, my lips were drawn up?

If you were that upset, how did you possess the state of mind to look at what your lips were doing, and especially what your eyes were doing? Sometimes people who are upset get into fetal position... Read More »

What's happening I feel numb, and can't stop shaking.?

Sounds like a panic attack.....try to slow down your breathing and focus on something else...when you get a panic attach you focus on the feelings of not feeling good and that makes it worse....try... Read More »