How can I stop my TV losing some of the picture on each side on widescreen?

Answer This is called overscan and was a bigger problem with CRT sets than it is with PDP sets. This is just because of the way the picture is generated.On your CRT set, the electron gun has no idea where... Read More »

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Why does the full tv picture not appear on my widescreen tv?

there should be a menu button on your remote,get in to the screen settings and re set it to either widescreen or 16:4 just keep trying the options it will sort it,ive just done the father in laws.

How to Make My Picture Scroll Side to Side on MySpace?

MySpace, a social-networking website, allows users to upload images and videos, post comments on their friends' MySpace pages, create and share blogs, import music players and more. Unlike other so... Read More »

Do you think that it is frightening how much topsoil we are losing each year?

I believe they are refering to the way we till the land to produce a huge amount of food for a huge amount of people? Check out:…andhttp://news.mongabay.c... Read More »

I Live in row of houses,fence each side of gaeden,dispute with neighbour which side of fence belongs to whom?

if the posts are on your side, it's your fence.If there is a dispute, get the measuring tape out. Sometimes the front of the fence will be EXACTLY on the boundary line. In other words , the entire ... Read More »