How can I stop hitting 2 keys at the same time when I type?

Answer Position your fingers on the right keys -fingers on left hand on a s d f and fingers on right hand on j k l ; left forefinger on f, right forefinger on jLook at the keyboard as you type and soon en... Read More »

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What should you do to stop your ex-husband from hitting your son?

How to Stop A Guy That’s Hitting On You?

We all know the type – you’ve told him you’re not interested but he’s just not giving up. He keeps insisting you go for a drink ‘just as friends’. Yeah, because thatâ... Read More »

How do you get your children to stop hitting in school?

AnswerWell, if the school hasn't done it already, keep them home for a while, like a week, if possible and take all privileges away from them. I don't know the age but whatever is important to them... Read More »

How do I stop the birds from hitting the window?

I saw this on t.v. a year ago, it was not on the market then.…