How can I stop feeling so nauseated after workout?

Answer You are either eating too heavy before your workout or are experiencing low blood sugar. Drink this instead of water, it's not exactly tasty, but it will help you avoid nausea:1-cup cold water1-cup... Read More »

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Are u pregnant if you had sex without a condom and your period came the next day which only lasted 2 days u started to spot pink and u have been feeling nauseated all day?

Answer You are playing a high risk game of becoming pregnant if your b/f doesn't wear a condom. Also a condom protects you against sexually transmitted diseases. You can get pregnant anytime so ... Read More »

At what point do you stop feeling sorry for the extremely bad chronic cough of a smoker who wont stop smoking?

i quit smoking two years ago...when i hear people hacking it disgusts me. when i see people chain smoking, it disgusts me. i'm such a hypocritical snob, but i can't help it!

How to Stop Catabolism After a Workout Session?

After heavy weight training, your body is in a catabolic state. It means that your body is actually trying to reduce your muscle mass to use protein as energy, this is due to the hormone cortisol. ... Read More »

How to Stop Feeling Too Old?

Have you ever wanted to try something but felt that you were just too old to do it? Or do you feel as though life has passed you by and now that you are of a certain age, you can no longer chase dr... Read More »